Causes and symptoms of Internet addiction

Addiction to the Internet and the computer is a real plague of the 21st century. As one of the diseases of civilization, it is as dangerous as obesity, diabetes or coronary disease. People of almost all ages have a problem with this addiction, and children are becoming more and more frequent victims. Let’s get to know the causes and symptoms of a child's Internet addiction and learn how to deal with this dangerous addiction.

Internet addiction - reasons for the abuse of the Internet by children

There are many reasons for Internet addiction, and each case is individual. However, the most common can include:

  • Low self-esteem of the child
  • Difficulties in establishing contacts
  • Unfriendly atmosphere at home - conflicts between parents
  • No family relationships with parents
  • Lack of understanding of the child's problems by parents

It is often the case that these causes overlap, some are the result of other problems and due to their accumulation, escape into the virtual world seems to be the best, ideal and even the only way to survive in a difficult real reality.

It also happens that the child is brought up in a normal family, has no complexes, has a lot of colleagues and learns well, yet falls into the trap of the Internet. This happens when the parents cannot organize the child's time, they do not have the strength after work or they do not see such a need. Children don’t like boredom, so if they do not have a planned activity, they will organize time themselves. And at a time when there is a computer in almost every home, and when almost every child has a smartphone, spending time online is the easiest way to kill boredom.

Symptoms of Internet addiction - how does a child addicted to a computer behave?

Therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists have specific methods to diagnose a child's addiction to the Internet. But parents can also say on their own that a child has a serious problem and is abusing the internet.

Symptoms of child addiction to the Internet:

  • The child spends most of his free time online
  • The child neglects school and home duties
  • The child neglects family relationships
  • The child does not feel the need to establish and maintain relationships with peers
  • The child has no hobby or seriously neglected interest
  • The child is getting less and less, has difficulty falling asleep
  • The child reacts with a lot of dislike or aggression to requests to turn off the computer
  • The child is constantly irritated, looking for opportunities to end the conversation, only the use of the Internet reassures them

Parents know their children best and it is easiest for them to judge if something is happening with their child. Spending a lot of free time not always has to be a symptom of addiction, but certainly caregivers should pay attention to such behavior. How to behave when you notice the symptoms of your child's addiction to the internet, how to talk to an addicted child and how to help him, you will learn in our next article.

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causes and symptoms of internet addiction