Arrange a Nanny for your child on Valentine's Day, and you’re free for a romantic date with your partner!

Regarded by some as an unnecessary, invented holiday, and by others as an excellent opportunity to express their feelings and show their loved ones how much they care about them. Valentine's Day is, in our opinion, a great opportunity to say I Love You, to the ones we care about. During the day it is worth to make small surprises for your family and friends, but the evening should be reserved only for the both of you!

Valentine's Day – An old European tradition in a modern edition

To start, a curious fact you may not have heard before: Valentine's Day does not originate from the United States, although the contemporary image of Valentine's Day is mainly associated with this country. Valentine's Day was already celebrated in Europe in the Middle Ages, at the beginning in Western and Southern Europe, but with time also in the Northern and Eastern countries of our continent.

On this day, which is named after Saint Valent who was a patron of the Catholic church, love letters were sent, and aptly called Valentine letters. Interestingly, there was already a celebration of love in ancient Rome. On February 14 and 15, young women would write their name on ostraces (the shells of broken clay plates), or sometimes on pieces of papyrus, and put them in an urn. After that, men would try to draw the name of their beloved ladies from these urns.

Christian traditions, displacing the culture of ancient Rome, took over this custom and adapted it for its own use. Much later, the British Sir Walter Scott made the Valentine's Day famous and made Valentine's Day associated primarily with the Anglo-Saxon countries.

Valentine's Day - one of many opportunities to show yourself love

Why did we briefly mention the story of Valentine's Day? While marketing slogans and pop culture coming to us from all over the world have begun to tire us. They make us look for an escape, so we don’t have to participate in Valentine's Day and other similar holidays. However, it is worth to remember what is hidden behind those advertisements and shop windows, that what is the most beautiful aspect of this day.

At least the traditional Valentine love letters! Would a note with a nice confession left under the windscreen wiper of your wife's car not be a pleasant surprise? Would a heart drawn with lipstick on a piece of paper inserted into the pockets of your husband's coat not make a wonderful day?

A romantic Valentine's evening – While the nanny will take care of your children

In addition to nice, small gestures during the day, which you give not only to each other but also other loved ones, why not plan a special evening just for the two of you? Young parents often lack the time to celebrate their love, at times when it is not the whole family that is the most important, but only them.

It is worth, even though a few times a year, to plan an exceptional evening. Cinema and dinner, theater and a long walk, or maybe a few hours in the spa? There are plenty of ways to spend Valentine's Day - plan it and spend it your own way!

And for the time when you will enjoy yourself, give your child the best care. An experienced nanny will organize fun, and when the time comes, he will put your baby to sleep. A professional nanny will provide an excellent atmosphere, safety and the highest standards of child care on Valentine's Day. And when you come home happy and relaxed, your child will sleep soundly.

We invite parents of one child, siblings and a group of children to take advantage of childcare services - we will discuss all the details together!

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