Carnival party - hire a Nanny for carnival weekends!

Between the Three Kings and Ash Wednesday, we enjoy many carnival parties. Children play and we adults have fun. It is a time when we want to forget about worries and obligations at least for a moment, the more so because carnival is a really special time. If you are also dreaming of going to a carnival party, but you have no one to leave your children with, we have the best solution for you!

Nanny during the carnival

If you have not used the services of any babysitter agency in Warsaw, Lodz or any other big city before and you do not have a trusted nanny, you've come to the right place! We employ babysitters who have experience in looking after children of all ages. Every nanny we employ is tested by us. We check the qualifications, experience and, above all, the predisposition of the person whom our clients entrust to their most expensive treasures.

Everyone wants to play at the carnival. The carnival ball to which we prepare ourselves, for which we dress beautifully and where we can play until dawn does not happen often. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to go to a ball or other crazy carnival party, without hesitation, confirm your attendance, and entrust the child to a responsible nanny.

The nanny will organize the time, adjusting the games to your child's age, interests and your tips. We also invite larger groups - if your friends do not have anyone to leave their children with, the nanny will take care of the whole group of children. We all know that playing in a bigger group is the best!

After great fun and supper, the nanny will prepare the children to sleep - will make sure that the children go to bed at the time you set.

Animators will organize a carnival party for your children

You go to have fun, but do you want your children to remember your carnival as a period of great fun too? Or maybe you want to organize a costume party for children, but you do not know how to prepare for it?

No worries! Our animators will prepare the best carnival party for children! They will arrange the right games and games, prepare all the accessories necessary to conduct engaging activities - the animators will organize everything on their own.

Animators have extensive experience in running various types of events for children. They have ready-made recipes for great fun, they are also creative people who are always able to adapt to a given situation. They are also people who care not only for great fun, but above all for the safety of children.

All parents who want children to have a great time during the carnival, we invite you to take advantage of the services of an agency with nanny and entertainment animators!

nanny carnival party