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Our philosophy

Your children are the most important! We will take care of their health and safety, personal development and growth. That’s why our experts prepare great ideas for play and arts & crafts, which have been tried and tested for many years in our company. Your children will develop their skills and talents, and show their intellectual and physical progress in kindergarten and primary school. All with a little help from your nanny from Nanny Express.

We offer two kinds of nannies: full-time nannies and part-time babysitters. We will explain you here what is the difference, so that you can decide which service suits your needs best.


A nanny from Nanny Express is a professional, devoted caretaker for your child. She has pedagogical education and at least two years of work experience. She satisfies your child's daily needs, cares about its health and safety, stimulates intellectual development and adjusts to the age and abilities of the child. A nanny is recruited specifically for you and will work only with your family.


After thoroughly analysing your family's needs, we recruit the best nanny for you. Depending on the required profile, the recruitment process takes from several days to several weeks. The whole process involves multiple interviews, psychological tests analysing character and predisposition for working with children, reference checking and practical tests regarding safety and creativity. Only after passing our high standards, which are based on years of our in-house experience, a candidate will be proposed to a family.


As our selection procedures are very strict, we present you just one or two candidates. After accepting our candidate, we hire the nanny and assign her to your family. Contracts are usually signed for one year or longer, and you will receive monthly invoices for the duration of the contract.


If you prefer to employ your nanny yourself, Nanny Express offers the possibility to order only the recruitment and selection process. For these services we charge a one-off fee which is related to the salary of the nanny.


If you already have a nanny, but you're not able to offer her legal employment, Nanny Express can do that for you. Our payroll service covers employment administration and social securities and is invoiced on a monthly basis.


When you need care for your child only for a few hours a week or for special occasions, babysitters from Nanny Express will be the best solution. Our employees are educated, fully motivated, able to work with children from different backgrounds and cultures. All babysitters have at least communicative English skills. Our babysitters are recruited, trained and employed by Nanny Express. Babysitters work for many families, so it is possible you will get a different babysitter each time you schedule a babysit.

Babysit package

To use our babysit services, all you have to do is purchase a package of hours. Packages start from 10 hours, which you can use for one month, larger packages are valid even up to one year. You can buy a package directly in our online shop, just use the package creator on the front page.

When buying your first package, we will contact you immediately after the purchase to schedule your first babysit. A babysit should last at least three hours, and you sign a timesheet at the end of the babysit. The used hours are deducted from your package. When you run out of hours in your package, just purchase some more and you will never be without a babysitter when you need one.

Premium package

If you would like to have the same babysitter all the time, or you have special needs which are beyond the scope of our regular babysitters, you may purchase our premium packages. These packages start from 100 hours. Please contact our office for more information.


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