Midwife or nurse to take care of your newborn baby

Are you looking for the best care for your baby? Order the care of a midwife from us!

Freshly baked mums and dads we offer qualified midwife services who will be happy to share their knowledge and experience, and help in the care of the baby after his birth.

For young mothers who need help in the daily care of the newborn, we have prepared a service of qualified midwives and nurses, who are always willing to advise you on everyday activities regarding your baby. They will tell you how often and how to bathe and nurture a newborn baby. They will recommend and choose the safest cosmetics for the care of delicate baby skin. They will help in choosing the right dress for the child depending on the weather and the season.

Our midwife will advise and help with breastfeeding to enjoy these special moments. The scope of our midwife's competence also includes balanced meals during breastfeeding, as well as sleeping and calming your child in a situation where it is necessary to deal with the frequent colic of a toddler. Our midwives and nurses are there to take care of your baby while you can rest or take other activities.

For your comfort they will go out for a walk with the child, they will be happy to go shopping with you. Our midwives and nurses are nice and warm people, always willing to help and share their valuable knowledge. Trust our experience, we guarantee to ensure your comfort and safety of your beloved baby.

So if you need professional midwife care, contact Nanny Express. Call us and we will help you or advise you.